Pre-prep is a program tailored for children 3-6years, during the two years before entering primary school. The pre-prep program has dedicated sessions for key curriculum areas: Literacy, Numeracy, STEM, The Arts, Mandarin, Physical Education and sport, and Bush Kinder. Pre-prep program is in alignment with the Victorian Early Year Learning and Development Framework and the Victorian Curriculum. 


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During literacy sessions children will develop the necessary skills and knowledge to begin reading and writing English words.
 This will include:

  • alphabet
  • letter sounds
  • engaging with fiction and non-fiction texts
  • story telling


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 Teachers will utilise instruction and demonstration, paired with hands-on activities to teach children many mathematics concepts including: 

  • counting 1:1
  • numerals
  • number patterns
  • addition and subtraction
  • geometry
  • graphs and data
  • measurement


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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are taught by a teacher with qualifications in science and a passion for STEM teaching. In Pre-Prep children engage in discovering the wonderous nature of our world, exploring topics including: 

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Construction
  • Using computers and tablet devices
  • Scientific Method
  • Problem Solving 

The Arts

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The arts curriculum promotes creativity and individual expression through several mediums. Children create via visual arts, music and performing arts.

  • Drawing with a variety of materials
  • Painting techniques
  • Sculpture
  • Collage
  • Music session with a specialist teacher
  • Drama and story telling
  • Dance and musical interpretation
  • Percussion instruments

Language - Mandarin

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During Pre-prep we offer children the opportunity to learn a language other than English. We have chosen to teach Chinese Mandarin. Children learn to understand and use words and phrases to communicate:

  • greetings and introducing yourself
  • likes and dislikes
  • asking for food and drink
  • food
  • colours
  • numbers
  • shapes
  • animals
  • body parts
  • adjectives
  • verbs
  • celebratory phrases

Physical Education and Sport

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A specialist teacher provides sessions that lead children in developing:

  • strength
  • coordination
  • agility
  • balance
  • manipulation of sport specific equipment
  • learning games with rules

Bush Kinder

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Bush Kinder learning focusses on engaging children in Earth Sciences and understanding the ways Indigenous Australians embody these concepts through their culture and community practices. Children and teachers make their way together to a local nature reserve, where they spend an extended session in their outdoor classroom. 

Bush Kinder sessions cover topics including:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait culture and knowledge
  • Connection to the land
  • Learning the art of observation and recording your findings
  • Native Australian flora and fauna
  • Conservation and land care
  • Geology
  • Geography
  • Weather and Climate

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